Surftest SV-3200 Series 178 -Surface Roughness Testers

Series SV Series

The Surftest SV-3200 Series provide high-accuracy, high-level analysis
and multi-functionality in measurement of surface roughness.

 Mitutoyo's Surftest SV-3200 Series provides high-accuracy, high-level analysis and multi-functionality in three dimensional analysis and measurement of fine contour, as well as the conventional type surface roughness measurement.

 Peripheral devices such as the auto-leveling table are available to enhance operability and to enable automatic measurement.

 FORMTRACEPAK V5, dedicated data analyzing software, is installed. This software allows data management in a consistent format, from the work site to the laboratory.

 Ceramic, which is known for its superb anti-abrasive property, is used as the X-axis drive unit guide. No lubrication of the guide is required.

 High-accuracy glass scales are built-in on X-axis (resolution: 1.97μin (0.05μm) and Z2-axis (column, resolution: 39.4μin (1μm) to ensure high-accuracy positioning.

 The SV-3200 series manifest high-reliability especially in the horizontal roughness parameters (S, Sm), that require high accuracy of the X-axis travel.

 When equipped with high accuracy Y-axis table and 3D surface analysis software MCubeMap, this offers CNC type capabilities usually performed on Extreme series machines.

 Various optional detector holders such as Crank Rotary type and Manual Rotary type make this versatile for many different applications.

 New optional Digital Automatic Tilt (DAT) function is best suited for work pieces that are too large for leveling tables.

Model Number SV-3200S4 SV-3200H4 SV-3200W4 SV-3200L4 SV-3200S8 SV-3200H8
Order Number (inch) 178-444-11A 178-445-11A 178-446-11A 178-484-11A 178-447-11A 178-448-11A
Measuring Force of detector 0.75mN 0.75mN 0.75mN 0.75mN 0.75mN 0.75mN
Measuring Range X-Axis 0-4in 0-100mm 0-4in 0-100mm 0-4in 0-100mm -4in -100mm 0-8in 0-200mm 0-8in 0-200mm
Vertical travel 12in(300mm) power column 20in(500mm) power column 20in(500mm) power column 27.6" (700mm) power column 12in power column 20in power column
Granite Base Size 23.6x17.7in 600x450mm 23.6x17.7in 600x450mm 39.4x17.7in 1000x450mm 39.4x17.7in 1000x450mm 23.6x17.7in 600x450mm 23.6x17.7in 600x450mm
Main Unit Dimensions 29.8x19x38in 756x482x966mm 29.8x19x45.9in 756x482x1166mm 45.5x19x46.3in 1156x482x1176mm 45.5xxin 1156xxmm 30.2x19x38in 766x482x966mm 30.2x19x46in 766x482x1166mm
Main Unit Weight 140kg 308lbs 150kg 330lbs 220kg 485lbs 270kg 595lbs 140kg 308lbs 150kg 330lbs

Model Number SV-3200W8 SV-3200L8
Order Number (inch) 178-449-11A 178-485-11A
Measuring Force of detector 0.75mN 0.75mN
Measuring Range X-Axis 0-8in 0-200mm -8in -200mm
Vertical travel 20in power column 27.6" (700mm) power column
Granite Base Size 39.4x17.7in 1000x450mm 39.4x17.7in 1000x450mm
Main Unit Dimensions 45.9x19x46.3in 1166x482x1176mm 45.5xxin 1156xxmm
Main Unit Weight 220kg 485lbs 270kg 595lbs

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