Roundtest RA-2200AS/DS/AH/DH Series 211-Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring

Series 211


The RA-2200 provides a high accuracy, high speed and high performance in roundness measurement. The fully-automatic or a DAT (Digital Adjustment Table) function aided manual workpiece centering and leveling turns what used to be a difficult and finicky task into one that is simple enough for even untrained users to perform. This facilitates substantial reductions in overall measurement time. The RA-2200 system comes complete with powerful data analysis software ROUNDPAK which requires only simple manipulation using a mouse and icon, achieving enhanced functionality and ease of operation.

Technical Data

Rotational accuracy (radial): (.8+.35H)uin {(0.02+3.5H/10000)um}
Rotational accuracy (axial): (.8+.35R)uin {(0.02+3.5R/10000)um}
H: Probing height (mm), R: Probing radius (mm)
Rotating speed: 2, 4, 6, 10rpm
Table top diameter: 9.2" (235mm) AS / AH models
 7.9" (200mm) DS / DH models
Centering range: +/- 3mm (+/- 5mm: DS / DH models)
Leveling range: +/- 1 degrees
Maximum probing diameter: 11.8" (300mm)
Maximum workpiece diameter: 22.8" (580mm)
Maximum workpiece weight: 66 lbs (30kg)
Vertical column (Z-axis)
Vertical travel: 11.8" (300mm) (22.8" (500mm): AH/DH models)
Straightness (λc2.5): 0.10um / 100mm, 0.15um / 300mm
(0.25um / 500mm: AH / DH models)
Parallelism with rotating axis: 0.7um / 300mm
(1.2um / 500mm: AH / DH models)
Positioning speed: Max. 50mm/s
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1, 2, 5mm/s
Maximum probing height: 11.8" (300mm) (OD / ID)
[22.8" (500mm): AH / DH models)
Maximum probing depth: over o32: 85mm (w/standard stylus)
over o7: 50mm (w/standard stylus)
Horizontal arm (X-axis)
Horizontal travel: 6.9" (175mm) (Including a protrusion of
1" (25mm) the turntable rotation center)
Straightness (λc2.5): 0.7um / 150mm
Squareness with rotating axis: 1.0um / 150mm
Positioning speed: Max. 30mm/s with joystick operation
Measuring speed: 0.5, 1, 2, 5mm/s
Probe and stylus
Measuring range: +/- 400um/+/- 40um/+/- 4um
(+/- 5mm: tracking range)
Measuring force: 10mN~50mN (in 5 steps)
Standard stylus: 12AAL021, carbide ball, o1.6mm
Measuring direction: Two directional
Stylus angle adjustment: +/- 45degrees (with graduations)
Data analysis system
Analysis software: Roundpak
Filter type:
2CRPC-75%, 2CRPC-50%, 2CR-75% (phase corrected),
2CR-50% (phase corrected), Gaussian, filter OFF
Cutoff value;
15upr, 50upr, 150upr, 500upr, 1500upr,
15-150upr, 15-500upr, 15-1500upr, 50-500upr,
50-1500upr, 150-1500upr, Manual setting
Reference circles for roundness evaluation:
Air supply
Air pressure: 390kPa (4kgf/cm2)
Air consumption: 30L/min.
Power supply: 100V AC - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H):26.3 x 20 x 35."
(667 x 510 x 900mm)
26.3 x 20 x 43.3"
(667 x 510 x 1100mm: AH / DH models)
Mass: 396 lbs (180kg)
440 lbs (200kg) AH / DH models




Model No.





Order No

211-512A (mm/inch)

211-511A (mm/inch)

211-516A (inch)

211-514A (inch)

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