Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500 CNC Series 525-Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Series SV-C series



High-accuracy CNC Surface Roughness/ Form Measuring Instrument that allows both measurement of surface roughness and form/contour with one unit.

Each axes has the maximum drive speed of 7.87"/s (200 mm/s), which permits highspeed positioning that may result in a large increase in the throughput of multipleprofile/ multiple-workpiece measurement tasks.

For models with the รก axis, it is possible to perform continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by powertilting the detector unit.

For models with the Y-axis table, it is possible to expand the measuring range for multiple workpieces, etc., through positioning in the Y-axis direction.

When combined with the double cone-end stylus (a new product with diametrically opposed contact points), the instrument can continuously measure in the upward and downward directions without the need to change the arm orientation or reset the work piece fixturing.

The measuring force can be switched among five levels (upward and downward) from the data-processing program (Formtracepak).

Enables inclined plane measurements through 2-axis simultaneous control in the X- and Y-axis directions.

When the detector for form/contour measurement is replaced with that for surface roughness measurement, or vice versa, it is a simple, one-touch replacement without re-routing of the connecting cables.

Since the Z1-axis detector incorporates an anti-collision safety device, the detector unit will automatically stop even if its main body collides with a workpiece or fixture.

Supplied with an easy-to-operate Remote Box, which the user can make any movement by selecting the required axis using the two joysticks. The current axis selection is easily identified by the icon on the key top.

Communication with the Data Processing/ Analysis section is via USB.



Model No.



Order No.(100-120V)



X1-axis measuring range

8in 200mm

8in 200mm

Z2-axis vertical travel

12in 300mm

20in 500mm

Y-axis table unit



a-axis unit



Granite base size (WxD)

29.5x23.6in 750x600mm

29.5x23.6in 750x600mm

Dimensions (main unit,WxDxH)

31.5x24.4x39.4in 800x620x1000mm

31.5x24.4x47.2in 800x620x1200mm

Mass (main unit)

529lbs 240kg

551lbs 250kg

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