Formtracer CS-3200 Series 525-Form Measuring Instruments

Series CS


Highest measurement accuracy in its class. X axis: +/- (1+0.01L) um Z1 axis: +/- (1.5+|2H|/100) um

To detect surface roughness and contour in a single measurement the Z1-axis detector unit of CS-3200S4 has a wide measuring range and high resolution of 5mm / 0.08um to 0.05mm / 0.0008um.

In order to maintain the traverse linearity specification for an extended period of time, Mitutoyo has adopted highly rigid ceramic guides that combine the characteristics of smallest secular change and remarkable resistance to abrasion.

Drastically increased drive speed further reduces total measurement time. X axis: 80mm/s, Z2 axis: 20mm/s

To enhance safety during fast traverse, the Z-axis detector unit incorporates a safety device (Automatic Stop-On-Collision Mechanism).

The detector unit can be extended to avoid interference between the drive unit and work piece. The measuring range is shifted to the left by 2.76" (70mm).

Incorporation of an ABS scale in the Z2 axis eliminates the need for origin point re-setting conventionally required for every step of repeated measurements over step or multiple sections.

Small holes and inclined planes can be efficiently measured using the inclined X-axis drive unit and fine-feed handles on the X and Z2 axes.

All detector and drive unit cables are housed inside the main unit to eliminate any risk of abrasion and guarantee trouble free, high-speed operation.

Orientation of the drive unit can be inclined by +/- 45 degrees. This allows CS-3200 to measure an inclined surface quickly.

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Model No.


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X1-axis measuring range


Z2-axis vertical travel


Technical Data

Contour Measurement
Measuring range:  4"(100mm)
Resolution: 1.97uin(0.05um)
Measurement method: Reflective-type linear encoder
Drivespeed:   0-3.1"/s (0-80mm/s) and manual
Measuring speed:  0.00078-0.00787"/s
(0.02-0.2mm/s) (surface roughness)
0.00078-0.0787"/s  (0.02-2mm/s)
Measuring direction: (Push/Pull)
Traverse linearity: 8uin/4"(16uin/4")
(   ):at the protruded detector position
* with theX axis in horizontal orientation
Linear displacement accuracy (at20 degrees C):
+/- (32+10L)uin { +/- (0.8+0.01L)um}
* L =Drivelength(mm)
Inclination range:   +/- 45 degrees Z2-axis (column)
Vertical travel:  12"(300mm)
Resolution: 39.4uin(1um)
Measurementmethod: ABSOLUTE linear encoder
Drivespeed:  0-0.78"/s (0-20mm/s)and manual
Z1-axis(detector   unit)
Measuringrange/resolution: 3uin/.2",.3uin/.02", .03uin/.002"
Measurementmethod:Differentialinductance method
Lineardisplacement: +/- (60+20H)uin+/- (1.5+2H/100)um
Accuracy(at20 degrees C)  *H: Measurement height from the horizontal position (mm)
Stylus up/down operation:Arc movement Face of stylus: Downward
Measuringforce: 0.75mN
T raceableangle:  Ascent:65 degrees,descent: 65 degrees
(using the standard stylus provided and depending on the surface roughness)
Stylus tip  Radius:2um,diamond
Basesize (WxH):  23.6  x 17.7"(600x450mm)
Base material: Granite
Mass: 309lbs(140kg) (main unit)
Powersupply: 100 - 240VAC +/- 10%,50/60Hz
Power consumption: 400W (mainunit only)

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